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Vickers Veterinary Service is a large animal mobile vet service helping goats, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, and ducks conveniently at your backyard homestead, ranch, or farm in Douglas County Colorado including Littleton, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Lonetree, Franktown and Sedalia. John Vickers DVM has been practicing in Douglas County Colorado for over 20 years.  

Currently we are unable to provide emergency after hours services, feel free to call and make an appointment.


I provide services such as vaccinations and internal medicine, lambing and kidding, castration, disbudding, hoof care, infectious disease testing, wound care and health certificates


I offer basic medical services for cows such as herd health testing, calving, pregnancy checks, vaccinations, and health certificates.  I need a squeeze chute to work with your cattle. 


Companion pigs need vaccinations, deworming, dental and hoof care.  I can help with those things and more including spays and entropion surgery.


Backyard Chickens are growing in popularity and a lot of fun. I raise a small flock too. I can provide basic medical care as well as advise on food and housing to make your girls happy and healthy.

It's my passion to partner with new livestock owners, 4-H'ers, homesteaders, and suburban farmers and help them learn how to care for their animals as pets. Raising farm animals doesn't have to be intimidating.